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Main Quest Rewards to Include Collection Materials

Can you please add SOME of the required collection materials in the rewards of Main/Major Questline? the drop rate of the materials for example … Chupacabra skin was insanely LOW almost 1 hour still no drop? cmon? I look like a bot at the starting map lolz …

This will also motivate some of the new players to complete the Major Questline and at the same time complete the collections. I tried this on Sigita the other day hoping to at least complete 20 collections but maybe my drop/luck rate was soo bad i managed to only complete 2 of them …in 5 hours? hmm … WHY???

Took me a while to get 16 of these to craft the White Tiger Mask… :haha:

Concerning collections, it’s now really easy to complete every level 100+ one because you can do CM on the maps. Other ones are quite easy too, except 4 of them that are just trolling us:

  • Tennant’s Farm (2 gems from rare mobs)
  • Royal Mausoleum Storage and co (20 orbs from mobs that are like 10 per map on a zillion square mile maps)

Please remove those stupid troll collections, nobody will ever finish them even if they spend their lifetime playing this game. Or just replace the gems/orbs by more common drops:

  • white pino/gepetto gem with pino stem/geppetto leaf
  • orbs with ore (one of the maps has a Sapphire as requirement, seems fine to replace obs with more ore)
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Oh! I forgot the CM collection method … but for lower levels the drop rate is pretty sad … im now level 400 but my completed collection is at 9 haha …

Wouldnt be much of a collection if the quest handed it to you.
Collections are tiny bonuses anyways. You only really complete them for completionist sake.