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Magic Ice Cube Shop Loots

Anyone got anything good? I got nothing in like 300-400 boxes… The 50 coin ones.

yeah i stopped buying them, better to just buy the drinks etc for the coins, then i’ll spend the rest on the Boxes at the end of the event

Err what do you expect to get? The best you can get is a T5 scroll, and I’ve not seen one yet. I’ve got one silver guild coin once, rest is split between coins and those stupid useless hp/sp potions you will never use and can’t even discard…

Drop rate for thr costume/t5scroll are 1/10000, or 0.01%
Dont expect to see it.

Opened 99 boxes, mostly pots and coin. No guild coin. But 1 costume box.

Lucky af /20popolions

Ah thanks for the heads up. Was thinking where to spend them. But I have 15k of these where to put -.-


stack em up

“924m” jeezus ****


You can stack more than 32,767 if put in inventory? I put in guild storage and it can’t hold more than that.

EDIT: Also tried to get those coins to my inven, doesn’t work. Can’t hold more than 32,767. Your ss is weird…



thats why


also as its my appraiser bank


Huh weird me and my friend can’t go beyond 32,767, tried with coins and repair kits. Oh well.

thats lot of powdah


I cant stack more than 32,767 on team storage but can go more than that on personal storage

Really impressive, can’t imagine doing that much cm a day with tht dedication with a full time job… Too tired

Sadly we’ll all end up just getting abrasives with those

nah,. as i said i just stack em up haha

yeah dont do endless cm if you have a ft job. i myself work like 4 hours a day just to check on things or meeting and not do that much hours for cm

the cubes just there and the coins still left unused for maybe later to save the duration
its actually for ultimate challenger and to burn what is left


its kinda easy and fast if you can reach 5 or 6 in short time with the latest varna set gear honestly

and the reward box we re talkin bout here doesnt drop abrasive anyway
at the very best it drops t5 scroll or black costume

Oh right, I spoke about the coins. Got confused when I saw your post both with coins and ice

Yeah, coins can can be spend for something atleast okay. What do you plan with your ice tho?

perhaps stack it till the end of event,spam with turbo and see how much extra silver i can make
not gona expect that much though
1/10000 means you need like 1m cube to drop one lol

How do yall have that much? Did ya’ll spend any since the event started? If you did, and you still have all that, how are ya’ll farming it?