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Made a team on Klapedia and Fedimian

Yeah I’d like your first question to actually be possible, I haven’t got confirmation though.

I doubt you can transfer the lodge name

I don’t know about the last question. :frowning:

Same issue here, made a team on both servers, nown eed both of them deleted so ican take the name or a free name change

I’m also interested to see how the team transfer works. As someone from the EU I would like to start playing on the European server but need to know what will happen when I transfer my team from Klapedia that has the founder rewards. Do the two teams merge? Or does one replace the other?

I think one replaces another because your two teams can’t possibly have the same Team name because they’re both server-unique.

Any idea what will happen to the characters from that replaced team though? Whether they will be deleted or just added to the moving team?

Not sure, the thing I said earlier is only my guess, so I can’t really say much about it.

Dev Answer on other topic (CLICK ME)


Does that mean my Team in Klapedia(1st team) will replace my team on Fedimian(2nd team)?

I believe you will choose which team is transfered to the other server, so… Basically… Yeah, pretty much your other team will be killed without mercy.

Nice! Now I don’t have to worry about that, but here’s another question, will my premium items (eg. Tokens, TP, Hats from Founders Server pack) get transferred too?

That my dear friend I HAVE NO IDEA… But most likely it will, after all, the whole lodge is transfered, players included. Services like that not being transfered with them would be a HUGE FAIL.

Indeed, or else all that money would go to waste. Only thing you’ll get is a month head start lol.

The Hope isit will be transferred, i would’nt bet on it tho. As they have stated that the Tokenbuffs are serversided, meaning you are buffing your lodge on a respective server. But it’s a glaring issue i wouldnt be surprised if they would compensate the remaining time in the transfercase. As your presence on your originating server gets deleted the buff should be gone too thus meaning they would kinda cut you short on the duration in teh transfercase.
But anyways i’m pretty sure they will work something out for the people migrating. Just dont panic :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I’m worried about, transferring without your benefits of buying Founders Server pack.
Only thing you’ll get is a month head start of regret. D:


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Thanks a lot! Now I think I can actually play without worrying about these.(Hopefully) :smile:

u can’t even request a transfer… they just tell u do this cannot be done lol

They said that there would be free server transfers after the end of exclusive access.

they say so but nothing is confirmed lol. and beside our items we paid for will prob not go with us

They(staff) already said that we would be transferred to EU server after exclusive access, though. And read this: