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Made a team on Klapedia and Fedimian

I already made a Team in Klapedia with all my premium stuff activated, but I didn’t know that there would be a EU Server, so I thought that I wasted my premium and had to play fresh with no premium items in the EU server, so I made a new team in Fedimian, and then I finally read that there would be a free server transfer. So here is my question…

Can I delete my team in Fedimian so I can transfer my team from Klapedia when the server transfer happens? My premium stuff is already activated on my Klapedia team so I don’t want to waste it.

Hi !
I have almost the same pb …

I made a lodge name in Klaipeda, but now there is a EU server … I don’t want to lost my lodge name and go in EU server.

Is there a solution ? :confused:

I’m waiting for the same thing, hope some staff answers soon

Still can’t find one myself, hopefully they’ll see this. :frowning:

I’m somewhat in the same situation : created a team on the Eu serv but my friends want to stay on Orsha to keep their dlc rewards; So i created a team on orsha and will transfer in a month. Hope there will be no problem about the already existing team.

Asked the same question…hopefully its ok :\


still waiting for answers.

I did a post about 1h ago tagging some staff and still without any answer, it will take a bit it seems…

guys they already answered u hours ago…

where? can you link it? xD

Where is it? I haven’t seen one yet. e.e

your on their website… and u stupidly ignore sticky threads? its all over tha place man.

Yeah that’s really helpful.

Sorry i am abit annoyed when people blindly ignore stuff on fforum.

Did you find that? Still can’t see anything related to +1 account :S

There is no answer to our question. If u can’t understand what the problem is, stay in your hole and don’t bother.


And just tell me where do i find the information I need?
What happen if I already have a team on both server? will they merge? Can I decide?

here is the answer

(1) Take requests from players on Klaipeda and Orsha who wish to transfer to the temporary EU server (Feminian) within a week after our transition to F2P.

Again, this is for the people who only have made progress on Klapedia/Orsha, the problem I’m having is that I’ve made a team on Klapedia AND Fedimian, so how am I supposed to transfer my Team on Klapedia if I already have a team on Fedimian?

exactly! If its a merge you have all the benefits of the pack and you could play on EU Server now because you will get the items or do they delete your progress on the other server and you just can have the progress from one of each servern