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Macro Bot Report - RichQueen

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : RichQueen

  • Location : Baubas Cave

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 06/12/2020 - 01:52 PM

  • Evidence

Hi @roxy00,

We will also look into this player.

I would like to report this player too. it change channel at exactly the same spot in between every circle and it ignore any mob behind. I will top up if you do something about it.

they would just look, but not do anything, man. dont get your hopes up

dude, this RichQueen still alive? man, I have reported him last march…

Hello @GM_Francis, is there any reason why actions are still not taken? Could you enlighten us the process on how the IMC team investigates these bot issues?

I would honestly like an answer to this sincere question. Thank you.

Hello @GM_Francis, my query still hasn’t been answered. Please reply.

Hello @roxy00,

We have already applied a proper sanction to the reported player. As for your inquiry, we cannot provide information regarding that matter due to security reasons. A thorough investigation is needed before applying certain sanctions on the reported players. We hope you understand our side for that matter. With that said, you may refer to the announcement of our latest policies and penalties in the game. Thank you


RichQueen is no longer in Baubas, now to get all 8 of his other bot accounts banned. Great Job! I’ll keep reporting suspected bots with hard evidence! Great Job Coo for helping ban these bots!