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Macro Bot Report - KishiyuYT

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : KishiyuYT

  • Location : Outer Wall District 15

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 06/17/2020 11:00 PM Server Time

  • Evidence

Hello @philip.co1337,

We will check this player’s activity immediately. Thank you

oh gee, i wonder why this post was flagged lmao. I’ve seen this botter for a long time in OW15 and one from Soul Slasher was using a Tao macro-spamming skills in the same map as well

A friend actually posted new evidence regarding this botter but the post was flagged and deleted. Now we are IP blocked from this forum. @Nethorare, seems legit don’t you think?

Using a mobile data IP to post this now as none of us at the house can use the forum.

the post was flagged and deleted

It was probably friends or guildmates of the offender trying to flag your post to hide evidence. I mean, lmao, 2 offenders from SoulSlasher. Not only that, there are guilds that has members using multibox (I could name these 2 guilds and some people already know lol) and bots. People reported these OBVIOUS offenders yet they still go unpunished.
As to why it was deleted, I do not know but it was deleted when GM Francis replied to this thread (coincidence? lol).

I also reported the bot AGAIN that’s in OW14 (team name: Farman). Despite how easy it is to spot them, the reply I got from the GM was to submit a video evidence to “further their investigation”. That bot is online 24/7 even after the 1m silver limit from field farming for unverified steam guard accounts. It’s not even hard to just go their and check the map. Some of my guildmates even sent a video evidence and STILL no action. Talk about lazy lol.

if they had steam guard, so it can see as “bot is accepted when they had steam guard”. LOL. our imc =))