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Lycanthropy Lagg/Freezing

Server Name: Fedimian

Bug Description : Lycanthropy when u going out of it’s form u lagg super hard FPS drop to zero u get 600-3000ms all frezzing up same times

Screenshots / Video :


  • CPU : Intel Core i5 4670K@4.3Ghz
  • RAM : 16
  • Graphics Card : Gigabyte 970 G1
  • Mainboard : MSI z87-ga65 Gaming
  • Storage : SSD 500
  • OS : Win 10 Pro
  • Internet Connection : 100/100 Fiber
  • Country, Region : Sweden

This is a bug affecting any transformation. But i have a workaround for you, so you dont feel guilty of crashing your guildmates, party members, Auras, dungeon party and innoncent passerby.

Switch any piece of equipment. (Sadly weapon swap doesnt work while transformed)

I switch costumes, because they have no stats influence at all. After you swtich once, you can break Lycanthropy or transform freely without worry of crashing yourself or others.