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LVL 380 Gear pop up but no gear

Hey so when I hit lvl 380, there was this pop up, seem to not get it again but it said.

Exchange gear for lvl 380, press N to the specific (locations) to find mobs that jazz…

Before I would go to [Wings of Vaivora] Lena press a certain button and she would give me 4 chests of equipment and 2 chests of weapons, last one she gave me were lvl 350 gear

but now when I go to her to see about that lvl 380 gear it doesn’t give me that option for those chests, Does she actually give you 380 gear or was that a hiccup

For the level 380 Kedorian stuff, you need to do the Pajauta quest. Go to Fedimian city, above the warp statue, and talk to the NPC. Complete the quests she gives you and you will get 4x Kedorian level 380 armor boxes + 2x Kedorian level 380 weapon/shield boxes, which will also be +11 t3.

Note: it will be the same for the Kedorian level 400 stuff. You will have to go to Orsha city, right to the warp statue, and talk to Neringa and complete her quests.

Thank you so much for the information!