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Lv430 Vaivora weapons

itos version:

all credit goes to @crevox and바이보라 , i just plucked it out from ktos general thread for easier future re-searching

One Handed Sword
STR ▲135
Accuracy ▲480
Provides a 30% chance to gain ▲50% “Additional Damage” stat when attacking.

Two Handed Sword
STR ▲215
Critical Rate ▲735
Critical Attack ▲1720
Blossom Slash Skill Level ▲2
Reduces Blossom Slash cooldown by 10 seconds.
Blossom Slash now damages up to 4 nearby targets.

STR ▲133
DEX ▲140
Block Penetration ▲490
Fencer Skill Levels ▲1
Reduces the cooldown of Sept Etoiles by 5 seconds.
Reduces the cooldown of Fleche by 10 seconds.

STR ▲145
Critical Attack ▲1375
Attack against Leather-armored Targets ▲980
Retiarius Skill Levels ▲1
Upon using the first overheat of Trident Finish, inflict level 7 Throw Rete debuff on your target.

Two Handed Spear
STR ▲222
Critical Rate ▲740
Attack against Large-sized Targets ▲1450
Dragoon Skill Levels ▲1
Deal 20% more damage to large and extra large sized enemies while wearing a Dragoon Helmet.
Debuff extra large enemies when you hit them with Dethrone, causing them to deal 15% less damage for 5 seconds.

INT ▲200
Critical Rate ▲530
Block Penetration ▲440
Sand Blast Skill Level ▲3
Upon critically striking with Sand Blast, instantly cast Stone Shower with the same skill level you currently have learned.

INT ▲133
SPR ▲148
Critical Rate ▲488
Increases your damage for each skill level in Quick Cast (3% per skill level).
Time Forward applies to 2 more skills on the enemy.

STR ▲198
Maximum Attack ▲1025
Block Penetration ▲744
Snipe Skill Level ▲1
Increases the damage of Snipe based on the difference between your Block Penetration and the opponent’s Block.
(1% increase per 10 stat difference, up to 100% damage)

AoE Attack Ratio ▲3
STR ▲223
Minimum Attack ▲1780
Cannon Shot Skill Level ▲3
Explosion Skill Level ▲3
For 3 seconds after using the following skills, you take 30% less damage.
For 3 seconds after using the following skills, you have knockback and knockdown immunity.
Skills: Cannon Barrage, Cannon Blast, Explosion

AoE Attack Ratio ▲2
DEX ▲146
Critical Rate ▲495
R.I.P. Skill Level ▲3
R.I.P. Overheat ▲1
Applies Freeze Bullet to R.I.P.
Overheat is only returned to you after the skill enters full cooldown, and the skill enters cooldown upon unequipping the weapon.

DEX ▲148
Evasion ▲475
Accuracy ▲430
Luka Skill Level ▲3
Luka inflicts 4 stacks of Keletihan with potency equal to its current skill level.

CON ▲119
Critical Resistance ▲495
Block ▲495
Final Block Rate ▲2%
Reduces damage taken from Magic and Missile attacks by 10%.
Reduces damage taken from Insect and Demon type enemies by 10%.

SPR ▲148
SP ▲990
SP Recovery ▲490
Mass Heal Skill Level ▲1
When using Mass Heal, its cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each current stack of Heal: Overload, and all stacks are removed.

Two Handed Mace
STR ▲221
INT ▲221
CON ▲175
Crusader Skill Levels ▲1
Reduces the cooldown of Holy Smash by 5 seconds.
Reduces the cooldown of Condemn by 10 seconds.

DEX ▲135
Critical Rate ▲480
Attack against Medium-sized Targets ▲990
Guided Shot Skill Level ▲2
Inflicts a debuff for 5 seconds after hitting with Guided Shot, giving a 20% chance to fire 2 Guided Arrows when using Arbalester skills against those targets.

AoE Attack Ratio ▲3
DEX ▲218
Critical Rate ▲730
Barbed Arrow Skill Level ▲3
Bodkin Point Skill Level ▲3
Barbed Arrow now ignores the target’s armor type and always hits 5 times.


i just dont like the specific class weapon thing -_- so what do i use when my class dont have benefit in these weapons?


I’m in love with the rainbow “thing” <3
The specific skills description are kinda meeeeh. I mean … look at that rod lol
But ok, better than nothing… xD

Exactly. It’s such a shame. The dagger is completely usesless.


and i think they should fix mechanic of dodge evasion … it only work with small number of monsters compare to block it like meh,

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If IMC was smart they would make all the classes bonus stats/skill increase for the class tree respected weapons but keep the top initial stats ( X STR and X INT for example).Once we achieve the weapon let us choose 1 class stats/Skill bonus instead haven’t it restricted to 1 class.

Obviously this would require a lot of work but it would be so worth it to everyone.

any1 knows how really work 1h vaivora sword?
Provides a 30% chance to gain ▲50% “Additional Damage” stat when attacking.
that´s +50% all dmg? +50% on SFR? +50% in property dmg? +50% on final dmg?
that additional dmg is so confused.

Like an Ichor, why cant we just add Skill level to any Weapons like rather than forcing it on only 1 class.

its like a Weapon is released for just 1 class.
For ex :
STR ▲145
Critical Attack ▲1375
Attack against Leather-armored Targets ▲980
Retiarius Skill Levels ▲1
Upon using the first overheat of Trident Finish, inflict level 7 Throw Rete debuff on your target.

This is now locked to just Retiarius Class. while there are like other 5 or 6 class that use 1h spear… like WTF man…

if we can add lke like ichor style
(Insert Class) skills ▲1 or 2 to any weapon the player chooses.
So every class can take advantage of it rather than just 1 class.

i feel the Shield is way Overpowered (atleast in PVP)

Critical Resistance ▲495
Block ▲495
Final Block Rate ▲2%
Reduces damage taken from Magic and Missile attacks by 10%.

The block and Crit resisitance(both in 1 equip??) is just too high forcing every 2h build to take meta(1h+shield) build and still keeping the 1h+shield wayy overpowered like now.

i see 2h Weapons & subweapon got like high Critical Rate (for ex )▲735(2h sword, 2h spear,pistol) and high Block Penetration ▲744(musket ,staff,rapier) and to match up shields Crit Resistance & block penetration

but if u notice , the commonly used weapons by many classes
1h sword got Accuracy ▲480
1h spear Critical Attack ▲1375
Dagger Evasion ▲475 & Accuracy ▲430
no critical rate or block penetration…

So against a shield user, it would be nothing, half attacked blocked & rest no Critical chance.

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i think it’s only additional damage & property damage (property damage = additional damage)Capture d’écran 2019-12-26 à 10.52.02
Capture d’écran 2019-12-26 à 10.56.04

but yes, it’s still very confusing.

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That’s basically what I wrote but people are ignoring it and yours because they don’t care so they take wtv IMC gives them :blush:.

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actually it is not that we ignoring, but all your suggestion written here wont be as impactful as if you write to ktos developer directly, like what we did before, discreetly

Honestly,I think it’s good idea but it would be too much for IMC and would most likely mess it up.I personally won’t go out too much out of my way with this idea so I’ll keep it here if they are interested.

which 6? murm, pelt, rode?

Barb,hoplite,cataphract and literally every swordsman class which are meta build.
Every swordsman it is a must to have 1h spear or 1h sword+shield in PVP or Endgear

Even Doppels(2h swords) use 1h spear+shield in pvp.(with weapon swap with 2h sword

…wait a minute! If you killed elite and it drops X vaivora weapon, wont it be double X vaivora drop (ergo instant X vaivora ichor)?
i remember elite USUALLY drop double blessed shard (common) and double planium (rare)

this new gear drop rate even more rare than our current primus drop rate

let me fix it for you

Eh? Planium drops is pretty reasonable if you guys ask me… That is if you run enough CMs a day with all those resets given

I got like 60 planiums sitting in my bank atm, theyre way too cheap now so i dont bother selling

maybe drop rate like drako pasi or psi bracelet recipe drop?
or like boruta card?

please stay on topic, guys