Lv 420 cap in future What?!


Im agree we all happy with new update more and more just like a new 4 class and guild envirentment, but the point I concern is about the gear,

currently we have lv 380 item and velcof lv 360 item, we invest at this stuff at the moment with transcendt, ichor, enhance and buy it all from the market (bless gem and the other part) start from top armor until shoe,

suddenly have new patch with 1 month later new legend item or new lv equipment, thats make me feel im not right to invest this much, better I go with primus every level cap, just like now lolo and solmiki left behind even masinios feel weaker, not every player can reach velcof (need full gear).

my suggestion please dont make new gear anymore,or raise the current level gear,


You do realize it’s been like that every year or so, right?

The level ~200 items that used to be hard to get and people upgraded to hell is now funny stuff kept in storage xD


Welcome to MMO. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


yah very funny long time ago practo cost 40m with lv 315 item is very OP, but now no one seek it, I think better I invest cosplay item :smile: lol
I cant imagine the new legend item in 420 cap like what, bye2 solmiki set, just like current lolophanter right now


There will be no legend 420. Velcoffer is the endgame legendary stuff and any primus 420 won’t be able to compete against a full ichored full Velcoffer set with bonuses. I’m even tempted to say that a full Solmiki set will be better than disparate primus 420 items.


I like your way to see the future, but I wouldn’t be so optimistic. I doubt Velcoffer will be the end game. Otherwise, IMC won’t have so many ways to make (much more) money.

And we know that money talks in this game. :prince:


Hmm… when I’m playing and I see half the other players running around with a full Giltine set (costume, hood, doll, wings), I think they don’t really need more endgame content to make more money. :haha:


Actually, the developers blog hints at what will happen in the future.
They put a graphic up that makes it clear that they want to do away with “everything for Velcoffer equipment”-meta and instead bring several different ways to gear up for endgame.

I guess there’s no doubt that Velcoffer will still be the best equipment out there, but there will be other choices available for people who are not that invested into the game.

The future plans also include new things one can do at endgame like farming,collecting, archaeological research, etc. where you won’t need the best gear.


As i suggested before, they should reduce the level cap proportionally, there is no point on having so many levels (and maps with pointless quests), also we should expand the equipment gaps and reducing the stats difference to keep the special equipment relevant to the game, otherwise its just garbage and a waste of programing/designing time, like, for example, making Shark cutter relevant with having an attack value that isn’t sub-par, kinda like in RO where certain weapons were useful even after years of updates


Yeah I think there should be a crunch in levels before there is an increase to the 390 cap. That being said their focus needs to be on server stability and pvp for the entirety of 2019, imo.


At this point I’d say they should delete PVP content. It’s obvious they don’t really care about PVP content at all.
Some Classes have too much CC/too many status ailments, some Classes are too tanky (especially Peltasta) or simply have iframes, most Classes are simply useless in PVP.

I don’t want this game to focus on PVP anyway. We need better PVE content instead of dumbed down ones like Boruta where you die more to other players than Boruta himself since he only has 3 attack skills, two of which have high CD/delay/whatever.


At this point I’d say they should delete Umineko. It’s obvious they don’t really care about Umineko at all.

I don’t want this game to focus on Umineko anyway. We need better PvP content instead of dumbed down ones like Forum where you flame more to other players than playing the game itself since ppl want to cut PvP from their own content for some reason.


The problem is not that PvP content is bad/not interested/unbalanced. ToS just does not support PvP content technically and mechanically , and no one can do anything about it. If you love PvP in MMORPG, better look for another game.


“muaaa muaaaa ToS is not a PvP game muaaa muaaaa let’s just be PvE crabs and cut the content of already starving-for-content game from ourselves muaaa muaaaa”

“let’s not do Boruta, let’s not do GTW, let’s just sit on forums and whine about how game is stale and boring muaa muaaa”

“muaaa muaaa IMC pls give us fun content” [ignores Boruta PvP and GTW meanwhile]

Don’t even try to tell me what MMO to play, PvE crab. All PvE guilds should just disband, you are useless waste of online players. I can go on for hours about how your very mentality is wrong on so many levels, but you won’t listen anyway, so I’ll just make fun of you instead.


What are you even talking about, kid?

I was the one who advocated all these years for ToS having mass GvG style PvP. Because GvG is the only thing that can help any MMORPG survive and thrive. I’m not saying ToS don’t need PVP, I’m saying it cant handle PvP in terms of optimization, mechanics and technical perks. And it became absolutely clear after Re:Build implementation. If you can’t see that, you should check with the specialist. Sure it sounds like you have a tumor pressing on the recognition nerve

I’ve competed in all PvP content this game had to offer. Continuous R1 TBL, former war commander of the top-one-guild on the SEA. You know nothing about PvP in ToS, sitting in your delusional sandbox. Just cave, would you please.




They just Rushing with new content and stupid events that make u full gear in 2 or 3 weeks cause is a desperate try to keep player base. Also to make numbers worth on the company sale. Cause nexon and Imc r probably begin buyed by another company. So yah thats why they didnt care at all about what happend in game. And just trowing out all the shet they can. Thats why 0 control over bugs/macros/bots/hacks/RMT/ everything.