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Lv 4 Vaivora/Ark/Luciferie Compensation

With the changes this Tuesday to Transmutation only yielding +1 instead of the previous chance at +2 and full exp many players are concerned about the return mentioned in the developer blog. It seems that you are worried about offending people who have already crafted equipment at a high cost and will see the cost of crafting reduced in the future.

Compensation seems unnecessary in my opinion as players invested into that content knowing the cost at the time and have received the benefits of using it and will continue to receive those benefits until the changes are made. If IMC decides that there should be a return for those who have it, please return the materials as untradeable/team storage only.

Doing so will result in everyone getting what they paid for. Player can then safely invest the excess materials into alts or another ark/accessory/ichor in the new storage system as outlined without major effects on the games economy.

I think the main reason why they have to refund is because the way the new system will work.
If I got that correctly, the new shared storage will work like a collection in terms that you register an ichor over there and then upgrade it in this tab, meaning they have to give the materials back because the ichor in its physical improved form will no longer exist (probably only the lv 3 vaivoras that come from CM,unless they remove them,too,which is likely,because the required materials will be much lower).

About the compensation: I think the reason why they want the items to be marketable is because many people invested silver into buying them, and not everyone will be engaged into upgrading 4 or more vaivoras with these materials, so they will need to give the option to resell the materials, especially since some(or maybe all, I never engaged in vaivora/goddess set/demon set ichor transmutation so I don’t know the detailed materials and procedure of crafting them) of these items were also sold via Leticias Cubes, which caused a huge backlash on KTOS.

Since the KTOS community was very concerned about the value of these specific items, IMC will have to comply to these concerns and refund marketable transmutors.

About the ark: I doubt there will be a refund in Arch Stones here. You will probably need to dismantle the ark and craft it through the new storage crafting system to receive the discount of 1/5 of the price, so only blessed gems,sierra stones and mystic tome pages according to the upgrade level will be refunded directly.

Again,they will have to return these items as tradable because they already did so in the past when ark stage increase costs were reduced, and in the case of Arch Stones, nothing would stop people from dismantling their arks right before the patch to receive tradable items since you can transfer the enhancement to the dummy ark or a basic ark and still receive the compensation for the stage enhancement.

On the Lucifieri issue: Here, we don’t really know which costs are reduced. It could be that only the Tel Harsha valuable and silver costs will be reduced, it could also include Karaliene costs with Arch Stones involved (which would be the more important issue in crafting the set).
Once again, handing out untradable items (Tel Harsha items are untradable by default) is not an option because not everyone wants to build 3 or more Lucifieri sets, especially with the new system providing an easy “dismantle and reassemble with scrolls to transfer awakening, upgrade and transcendence” solution in case you want to play something completely different.

All in all IMC seems to be driven into a corner where they need to open the market to these items, especially because there is a severe shortage and high prices that limit access of new players to these items. What the game needs is new players who have access to resources, and IMC probably wants to free these resources from seasoned players rather than introducing new options that lower the value of these items by default.

They could refund items equivalent to the new cost if they wanted. They’re not going that route. Also could make it that the ichors or items effected are exchanged at an NPC or automatically transfered to that new system if they’re in your inventory/storage/equipment. It’s a game. All things are possible with dev time.

People were happy to pay the price of these items for the benefits they provided at the time of crafting. The only justification I see for the refund is for players who want to craft a vaivora lv4 after the +1 change. That was a mistake by IMC not to do the change in material cost and +1 in a single update but that was likely done to save anyone from doing 70 dust and then they change it to 40 required.

I should say as well I prefer 0 compensation method but if they’re gonna do it, don’t go the nuclear route that they proposed. No matter how you do this someone will get shafted. Now people are shafted and we’re gonna have two big market swings. The first is already here and the second will be when the compensation is given. We’re getting all the worst choices on implementation but they could soften the blow with untradeable materials.