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Lower the cost of Silver for Shinobi Skill Mats "Ninjutsu Bomb"


I’m sure many people already asked to fix the AI for clones in Bunshin no Jutsu, but I think the silver prices for mats is also an issue, especially when you make Shinobi the only class with attacks in your class tree.

Right now it costs 300 silver which is a little too high and makes using skills even with clones not feel worth it compared to other classes that use materials or silver. You need to consume 2 for 2 of their skills, Katon no Jutsu and Raiton no Jutsu to which it sums up to 600 silver each use and both have 2 overheats making you spend 1200 and 5 for Mijin which consumes 5 for 1500 silver.
The damage doesn’t compare to inquisitor or Taoist skills that greatly provide damage or debuffs that are very worth it in the costs in material, only problem being the weight of inquisitor’s torture tools. Even Pardoner’s Dekatose costs 300 silver and deals ok damage when compared to shinobi skills without clones.

I only ask to lower the price a bit so we could use their skills more freely without clones and maybe reduce the cool down penalty for using all your shinobi skill overheats with clones. (which I avoid doing all the time to casts 2 extra kunai with 6 seconds of the duration left)


Shinobi deserved all the nerf, their glory is gone forever.


this what made me turn away from Shinobi, bcuz all attack skills except Kunai all requires Ninjitsu Bombs. :disappointed_relieved:


Let us be real: before the only thing every shinobi used was Clone Skill.
Aside from that the other skills were NOT powerful enough to choose shinobi class.

With that in mind, I want you to think that those who choose Shinobi class will want to use other skills maybe without CLONNING and with much more frequency than before, meaning the cost of this skills with the bomb is really big.

I agree shinobi cloning of other skills from other classes are become overpowered, and it should haven be nerfed, but there were and still are many classes overpowered in PVE, as BulletMaker+Enchanter, and others, that create a huge gape between other unfortunate classes.

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