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Lower Ranked Field Bosses Recipes/Items Drop

Since they removed the lower ranked field bosses, it was never made clear what would happen to the items/recipes dropped by the cubes. Were they relocated somewhere or altogether deleted with them?
TOS.neet as no info on this.

I was able to keep all of my Audra Recipes but my Kaloo Hammer Recipe got eradicated.
Already sent a ticket; it got me nowhere.

Does anybody has any knowledge of where they might be obtainable now?
If not, whelp, r.i.p to one of my favorite weapon skin…

IMC said they would all be added to the Demon Lord cubes.

cant they added old item as well like fortress, bloody dagger,iron fist, spearfish rod etc?

Was it said in the patch? Ah well, they are so jam packed that I’m not impressed I may have missed it.
Do you know if they still drop as Recipes? I’m still trying to figure out why some of my recipes disappeard and some stayed. Unless the Kaloo Hammer drop as a finished product but not the Audra?

Thank you for the quick answer; at least I know they still exist somewhere in the world.

It would be nice if they did. So many items were sent to the void over the years.

They said it in a KTOS patch note or blog post… I translated it previously and it’s still in the KTOS General Thread. It may have been omitted from our patch notes.

There’s no way to datamine the cube drops, and I personally don’t know for certain, so you’ll just have to ask other players I’m afraid.

I guess I’ll have to try to asking around/retry through ticket.
Thanks for the help.