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Lower level buffs overriding higher leveled ones

Can we have something to play with around our settings where we get to choose if we want to keep our “already applied higher level” buffs over lower leveled ones?

Example: At the start of Lv 300 dungeon , I use swift step level 16, then a random buffs swift step level 5-6/10-11. Which replaces mine.

It gets annoying in time, I’m not sure if it’s the same with thauma buffs/others.

Not even sure why nubs would want to spam Level 5 swift step which gives them crap crit rate over mine…or they just aren’t aware of it completely. But getting it overridden over and over is something else.


I try to avoid being upset by it, but sometimes it’s really hard. As a Thaumaturge/Enchanter, I ask politely for them to stop (after making sure my buff is indeed stronger) and explain why keeping my buffs would benefit the party more and (sometimes, not always) they plainly ignore me and keep buffing, even right after I buff. Sigh. I didn’t did all these status point quests and everything else I could to gather as many stats I’m humbly capable of for this.

Nowadays if it’s some sort of content where it really matters I just avoid doing it with randoms, for dungeon 300 weaker buffs are okay, I got tired of this and just go clean another side while I rebuff myself quietly.

just time your buffs after they buff

I noticed some of them are trolling, I didn’t buff to the point where I’d wait till they buffed first, buff ran out so I used mine and he used his after…sigh.

They are just trolls. wait for them to use theirs 1st then overwrite theirs.
That’s what i do anyways.

Also on topic: it should be “lower valued buffs”. There are buffs which doesnt solely scale from skill lvl.

But yeah in the end, it is annoying to get superior buffs overwritten by crap ones.

SPR/INT related buffs could use a different formula, though I’d like this addressed first, specifically for archers.

Lower valued buffs…may be a bit complicated for IMC to do, i hope not, lol

Both of you will end up having no buffs at all.

I just want a personal setting where if you’d want your buffs to be overwritten or not. If you don’t have it already, you get the buff, If your buff is higher/better, it gets applied and overwritten.

If someone else has a better buff and you have the option turned on, you won’t get the buff.

^ I guess this formula is simple enough

It’s the case with any buffs of any classes. Thaum, Priest, Archer, Cleric, Chrono, Pyro…

And some actually don’t troll. They’re just idiots who spam their buffs almost whenever they’re available. I’ve asked people NOT to buff and they were “Why ?” … The thing is that some people don’t even know that a level 15 buff is better than a level 5 one.
I kind of died inside when I had to explain a guy “My Swift Step is level 15 while yours is level 5, mine gives better buffs than yours”, “Oh, really ?” … :tired:

It shouldn’t even be a setting.
The buffs should just take into account the higher amount. This Blessing gives 2500 while this one 1500 ? Then the second one can’t overwrite it. Same for the other buffs that work like that.
And then same with levels: if the buff is at a higher level, it cannot be overwritten.
Or maybe your OWN buffs have the priority and they’re never overwritten.

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tbh if we had the feature similar to where our pardoner buffs don’t get overwritten even if they’re weaker is fine for me. as long as we have the option to do it.

This way they can buff all they want, I don’t care, just stop overriding mine with your level 5 swift step lol, it’s up to you if you don’t want my crit rate. Come on, do it iMC