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Love the new website design

As topic. I like the new website design more than the previous one :3

The forum text colors do need some tweaks though, the greys are hard to see over the white background.


Great features and a guide overhaul, but I want a dark theme again. Discourse supports multiple themes so I’d like to request one.

Looking at everything now, I think implementation may not be complete yet. The clock isn’t working and some of the redirects are wrong/confusing.


I prefer if they make an options for Night Theme on this forum ,but overall looking nice :grinning:


dafuq. I kept refreshing cause I thought the page wasn’t loading.

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Same, I like the minimalistic concept approach, but the colors are too bright. The background + n likes are subtly hurting my eyes. D:

Also, the positioning of the Support / FAQ / Shop could be tweaked a little more to the right. This is just me but I think the line height could be tweaked as well, especially at the bigger texts.

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Please bring back the old color theme this is way too bright



Please a darker forum background, white is really tiring for eyes.

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