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Louise's Farmland Quest Text in Gytis Settlement Area could be improved for clarity

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time : 4/12/16 at 8:55am server time (Orsha)

Bug Description :
The text for the quest called Louise’s Farmland in the Gytis Settlement Area uses phrasing that could be improved and shortened to make better sense in English. It currently says “Collect the woods” when players need to collect wood for Louise. It should probably just say “Collect wood”, because “Collect the woods” implies that players are collecting a forest (since “the woods” usually refers to a forest biome area).

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Create a level 69 character on the Orsha server and start on Klaipeda.
  2. Travel from Klaipeda to the Gytis Settlement Area
  3. Travel to the crossroads between Louise’s Farmland, Joint Farmland and the Sttlement Area to find Louise.
  4. Do quests for Louise until he gives you the quest “Louise’s Farmland”

Screenshots / Video :
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