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Lots of magic causing fps drop and messed up graphics

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time: constant

Server Name:Klaipedia

Team Name:AinzOoalGown

Character Name:LordAinz

Bug Description : messed up graphics that look like clouds/ice for every spell and door arrows

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. casting spells idk which one causes it but after using maybe 5-10 spells graphics usually get messed up and start production what looks like clouds or large chunks of ice for every spell and certain objects like the door arrows in the shot
  2. this also happens on my friends screen so I’m thinking maybe we both got games with corrupted graphic files from steam?

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode gamepad


  • CPU : ryzen 2600x
  • RAM : 16mb ddr4 3000
  • Graphics Card : 1070x evga supercooled
  • Mainboard : asus rog b450f
  • Storage : samsung 970 SSD 500gb
  • OS : windows 10
  • Internet Connection : verizon fios
  • Country, Region : USA, Maryland
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Welcome to the club!

This is a ressource leak in skill animation. Using Fireball is the fastest way to get the error (try a few in CM and your FPS will drop to 0 pretty fast). Yesterday I played my pyro-ele without using Fireball at all and still managed to get the error in the end. Animation error tends to appear also with Storm Dust, which is probably what you used here.

Is that an AMD-based graphics card? I have the same problem with ATI Radeon while other people with nVidia GeForce don’t have the problem, so I’m pretty sure it’s related to the gfx card.

There’s a line about some gfx stuff fixed in tomorrow’s patch, hope that’s it for the problem.

no my card is nividia I guess I named it wrong its gtx 1070 the after market brand is evga

Same here, i5 4670k + gtx 970. 20chars//

Same here² Ryzen 1950x/Gtx 980

i guess we all have this since last patch
when i noticed this to mates during CM some had it in the same time…

same here, my giltine torn when jump become ice block effect, some player looks like square big white,