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Losing Linker to Scout


I`m so sad that we are losing linker to Scout new class :frowning:

Any theorycrafting about a new Linker build?


Also Thauma which ruins my SPR DD/buffer build :S


linker tauma enchanter, the same farm build but on scout…


I didn`t play Linker as a famer
I really used linker as an important part of my sorc


Why enchanter? Btw is lightning hand still there? Is it physical attack in re:build?


I saw the skills on a youtube chanel with every class and it still there. but i dont know how it is working after the re. whatever its almost the same “supp” build with spirit shock with deff debuff and all those stuff and also with the bonus to elemental damage. so it would be the same has the linker 50% lightning bonus and lightning hands

I was thinking of having a corsair linker enchant has a farmer, but I do not know if it is worth lose the x2 drop for pillaging


I will be Enchanter Assassin Linker :blush:



why assa ? if shinobi have a kind o chidori…


more dagger skills and speed…

Shinobi has too many wasteful/unmatching skills just for 1 or 2 matching one :confused:



Will not work, because enchanter lost AA buff and has become a pure support class. To farm with linker/thauma, you will have to add a “damage burst” class. Outlaw comes to mind here…


Lightning Hands still exists in Re:build


with the procs of double attk it can reach the same damage has the old Running shot builds, now its more like a bost for every A.A build


greyhiem already posted all the possible rebuild’s linkthaum variant at his youtube channel


Wow cool. But I think linker-thaum-outlaw might be best for farming (once again me doing stupid theory-crafting XD). Outlaw has 2 skills that provide invincibility and a skill that provokes.


at least every link thaum variant are viable to farm as usual, linkthaumenchant is the weakest but still can solo farm baubas

dont forget, pillaging cant steal primus and asio/wastrel material


I don`t know why, but I love those NPC ranks :joy::joy:


tauma linker corsair it’s the best for drop also maybe its the best buffer for raw dañmage if de flag give 40% attk as said on the ktos page but it’s depend on the translation


what drop exactly? sapphire, bless shard, album, wastrel/asio material all of them arent pillagable. Only pre 350 material afaik pillagable


why you said so ? actually now every its droppeable by pillaging


Obviously, linker-thauma-corsair is best for farming due to pillage.
Everything is pillagable, even WB cubes.