Looking for tips for Endgame content


Hello, newbie who somehow managed to get to level 380 here.
Managed to get a decent weapon and subweapon but I have many questions.
What do I do from here? I’ve seen a lot of people do Saluus Convent dungeon, but how hard is this?

Anyways, I’m looking for suggestions for what to do next, because I’m a bit lost.
Thanks in advance.


Saalus Convent Dungeon is very easy if done by 4 or more. So you can earn Blessed Shard to really upgrade your weapon. Is basic one of the top end game content: transcend your weapon. guide below

If you are a lonely player like me, you may have trouble finding what to do in the end game.

Enhance your weapon I don’t encourage you not even in the end game. Too much cost for low rewards (what is good, because only a few would benefit from that if the reward was high). I lot of people defend this system, while other sane players already saw how annoying and frustrating this is.

But if you have no trouble finding parties and doing things together, here somethings:

  • Earth Tower
  • Former Fantasy Library.
  • Guild Raid Events.
  • CM Event (Challenge). (it appear people do more in “Feline” map in the end game.) I don’t know what are the benefits.
  • PVP (the game is pretty well UNbalanced, so depending on your class and gears, you will have a hard time, yet, is a feature of end game content).
    And Finally:
    GxG. Find a guild you like and go on if you have the time.

If you are interested more in PVE:

  • Complete all the quests in the game. (and see the story)
  • Complete Secret Quests (any quest will NOT give you a good reward, is only for fun)

There are many other posts about what to do in the end game, but I didn’t found. Maybe you can. If yes, post it here too!


Hey, thank you very much!
After reading this did the Saluus Convent and it was really cheese. I’ll give a try to everything you said here.
Again, thank you.


One more thing I forgot, you can be a Boss hunter.

There are 2 types of boss:
1º - World Boss that appear in specific maps.

And 2º - Map Boss, that are map Bound.
The server generally alert all the players when a world boss is about to appear.

While I know this things exist, you would have to research about it, because I have no clue on how it works, only that they have large ammounts of HP and numerous players hunt it.
But it is one more thing to do.


My number 1 recommendation to all new players is to make sure you have at least three characters above 240 level or 330 level. This way you can take full benenfit of saalus and 330 dungeon for shards and silver. You will progress the game a lot faster with more characters especially support characters since they require significant less investment and gears.