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Looking for mounted DPS class - Haka/Cata/?

Hi Saviors,

I have a SR farmer toon at max level but find it very boring to play.

I have started looking into mounted swordsmen builds. I appreciate this may not be as “good” as the doppel-barb-HL/Blossom meta, but I have a good dps main character already.

Any advice on picking one of the builds below?

Barb -hack-cata

I’m leaning towards cata-hack-XX as I like the idea of both mounted classes in the build.

I’ve heard that hoplite is pretty much required in a decent dps build though…

Any advice and a skill build would be appreciated!



Not a big fan of the spear classes so I won’t comment on those, but blossom-hacka-barb is pretty fun. All of blossom’s skills can be used mounted, and Barb and Hacka have slash dmg+ moves and a few slashing moves for the blossoms.

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Oh I hadn’t looked into Blossom - thanks for the info!

I wanted both Hacka and Cata in the build for movement speed buffs, but may reconsider…

hacka-cata-barb ~ Good IMO and what I run atm but if you want to use Rush then you are getting a 2nd weapon.

hacka-cata-blossom - I do believe this is the most mobility in Swordsman. Im going to try this soon.
Charge, Cavalry Rush, Blossom teleports and Flash, + trot. Lol. Startup is unfortunately more of a burst DPS thing, and Hacka and Cata really don’t have big CD skills like Doppel does. Blossom won’t benefit from Acrobatic Mount either. Still would dig you having a secondary Spear for Rush use.

hacka-blossom-barb - the standard hacka build atm.

I don’t like spear dominant builds.

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hakka-cata-barb :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the tips everyone - looks like Hacka is perfectly viable.

If anyone has a hacka-blossom-barb build I would appreciate it.

Is the moringponia sword ichor as good as it looks for Hacka? Just got the box last night \o/