Looking for help for cleric(Druid/Zealot)


Hi, I just joined few weeks ago. I am confused about priest’s buffs like sacrament and blessing. Does they work on skills or only basic attack? What weapon is better for druid/zealot? One handed blunt with shield/dagger or two handed blunt. Not sure why saw some druid equip dagger instead, I thought shield for better defense and two handed blunt for better damage.


Priest’s buffs work on both skills and basic attacks.

1-H mace and shield is more beginner-friendly because of better defense and healing. 1-H mace also costs less materials to strengthen than 2-H mace, but 1-H mace AND shield cost more than 2-H mace alone.

I’m not sure why a druid equips dagger. Maybe, just MAYBE, the dagger provides good stat, but even then I don’t think it’s worth giving up a shield.


Oh, i see. Thanks for your help.


asio dagger gives crit rate and wastrel gives ~1000 dark+holy property dmg (~500 each) if well fund.


i see so they use dagger to increase stat if enough crit then better use shield


does anyone know the crit required for 100% crit?


Cap at 60%. Normally need around 1600 to hit this cap to all normal mobs. (1800 to hit cap to end game bosses)


i see thought can crit 100% xD


may i know if i used class change point to change class will the class lvl remain please? not sure what job is better for third job, think maybe priest/inquisitor