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Looking for Good Tank/Dps Rank class build


Help me im kind of new here looking for tanker/Dps build im North American.


Tanks are usually healers or supports, but I think you might like this…

Take it with a grain of talt…


Adding to what @DrRM said. currently you want something with really good “passive healing”. That’s either aukuras 15 or chortasmata 10 (can go 5 + attribute) or more if you want overlapping chortasmata. I would say take krivis3 if you aren’t taking SPR, take druid 2 (at least) if you are taking SPR.


Hi DrRM, i really liked the build you posted.

What stats should i invest? And can you tell me which skills should i choose?


I don’t actually like giving a too straight “choice” cause this game has so many combinations and we all have so many different tastes that there is always a possibility your build will end up been 100% different from what I like and stuff…

but here is what I would do…

As for stats, I would go with a mix of SPR + CON and my gear would be in charge of other stats…

I usually go with weird/full stat allocations so am not the best to ask there xD

Hoe someone with more experience can give you a hand on the build and I hope you enjoy it :blush:


In my opinion, you shoudn’t play that build. It tried to be a magic+physical hybrid and ends up failing at both.

If you want to play a character that’s easy to survive with, just play any build with Cleric3-priest2(or cleric2-priest2/3, but its not as good imo). Cleric3-priest2 can outheal any damage you take. Add druid2-3 to that and you (and your party) will be almost impossible to kill in pve.

But anyway, current builds wont matter for long. Just for levelling before rebuild releases, I’d recommend Cleric3-Priest2-Druid3-Exo2. Exorcist+druid is great dps, even for less geared players. It is a Meta build, but its very welcomed in parties.

Skill distribution can be played around with, but these are what I would go for.
The same goes for stat distribution: Put as much Int, Con and Spr as you want, you dont need to put everything into 1 stat (I’d go for full Int though, but I have good gear for clerics)

But as I said before, you will have to reroll anyway when rebuild arrives, so go for anything you think will be fun.

This pretty much sums up the build system in this game. Meta builds exist for a reason, but that doesn’t mean off-meta builds are useless. In the end, you should just play whatever classes you think are fun.