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Looking for friend on TOS!

Hi everyone! im new to Tos. Been playing for about a month now. I played the original Ragnarok back in early 2000’s, and was astounded finding out about Tos. Anyways, looking for some kool friends to vibe with! im hitting lvl 60 soon. NOOB. it would be awesome if i can find some homies to show me the ropes to better my experience. Being a chef and all takes up all my free time. Gaming is my getaway.
Thanks for tuning in. im also new to this forum. dm me i guess? lol

Just go to the guild promotion board and apply to the guild on your server that you feel you would have affinity with. You’ll find many other people to play with in a guild.

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which server are you from? Write here your team name.

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North america