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Looking for a straight forward meta support build!

I played before Re:Build and i was kinda off and on, but now i really want to jump in, but not blindly, can some fellows comment a meta build for cleric, i have seen many variations but not sure whats most optimal. Thank you! (i mean for like end of game group content btw)

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cleric priest ora diev
priest is the bare minimum
ora is expected
diev is optional but icing on the cake

Priest - Ora - X

Well, my current build is Priest - Ora - Diev.
Diev, is rly good for reducing coldown and SP consume teamates. and another thing good abt diev is tree of world, its usefull for cc when u doing CM.

or u can also swap diev with Plague Doctor. cuz Healing Factor + Arts is rly good sustain healing if u lazy enough to use heal skill xD