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Looking for a friendly, casual guild and/or some friends

Hello everyone,

My name is Mal. I’ve been playing the game for a couple days and I’m really enjoying it. I played Ragnarok Online for eight years and saw this game had a similar art and play style. It’s very similar. I decided on a Cleric for my first build leading into a Priest. My third choice is undecided, but I know I want my last choice to be Exorcist. I am close to reaching level 50 right now.

I really would like to find a guild or some people to play with. Preferably a casual guild who enjoys running dungeons or killing monsters. Not much into PVP. Running solo isn’t fun when it’s all you do–also I am playing mainly a support class. I have no one to support. Looking to learn all there is about this game.

My character name is: Healing_Winds
My team name is: Divine_Einherjar
My: Steam ID is: victorynotvengeance23

You forgot to mention what is your Server…

Klaipeda. This is the Klaipeda board, right?

oh, yeah, nevermind… my bad about that, didn’t see that.

It’s cool. Where should I post to find some people to play with? Guilds?

in the game there’s a guild promotion board where you can look at guilds and apply to join them or you can ask ppl they always recruiting noobies

Cool. Thanks. I will check out the boards in the game. I didn’t know they were there. I figured most stuff was handled on the forums. there is discord server which consist veterans, players from every server if you want to join, it has guild recruitment channel as well

Thanks. I will go ahead and check that out. I’m sure it would be easier to find people there.