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Looking for 2H spear build

i’m comeback player i gonna start in new acc so i want some class to play as main dps and i love mounted class so cata-dragoon-lancer this is a good build? if you have another build plese tell me build and skill build

It’s a nice build, but I think you should switch lancer.
You could go cata-dragoon-hoplite because hoplite has nice buffs and skills and will make you stronger wielding a 2h spear.
I have a cata - dragoon - hoplite and it’s really nice to play.
What do you think?

If you need help building your swordsman:

In my opinion , hoplite + dragoon + lancer functions better. They have ok-ish aoe and great dps.

cata is a good start for new acc
u can run fast do Q fast
has a decent aoe skill (and cc skill) for survive early cm5

while hop is the best buff for spearbuild now
i suggest u go cata-lancer-hop/dragoon first
after u hit 400-440 u can reset cata to hop/goon for cm7(party) later

cata vvr is bad? it is look strong

No, is not, his vv is at best middle if not top if we look at other spear classes and hop is ■■■■■■■ bad, i would not just call it the best of all because lancer VV becomes stronger the stronger you buff up your lancer with attributes, like a full attribute lancer vs a no attribute lancer with VV is a huge difference since a full arts+normal attribute get close to double the actual % of the skill so is like you get a full 10k%+ crush every time you use it with lancer VV each 5 sec vs a 5k% without attribute so the VV grown with you making it better at the end!
where cata for example will always be that 50%k, forever and ever plus that 3 sec delay is ■■■■■■■ sad as well and dragon well you can already get a lot of dmg bonus with recent changes so it just make it lack luster in the end.

now about the current state of spear builds and cata for OP and the rest of the thread:
the problem is cata itself and spear class in general , have been ages since we last got some imc love, in reality since the last spear changes a few months back that gave us some quality of life and some utter crap magic circle destruction ability we did not get anything that really make it stronger, outside of dragon, at least dragon got the bonus to become viable again.

Plus there is other problems involving cata as well, like hoplite, imc had give cata few of the crappiest arts we could have in TOS where some other classes get super good arts that make them even stronger, all of this add up and in turn made no one be playing with the class anymore, is just not worth unless you really love it , and i do love and have ,more than 4 of them, all possibles variants :slight_smile: because i do love the class.

Some of the standard builds for 2 handed spear is:
cata:barb:hop(channel set)
you can also go for cata:dragon:lancer, dragon right now have some good hard hitting skills and his arts turn dragontooh in 1 OH skill and hard hitting build with dragon like for example: gae bulg dethrone dragontooth(with arts) work well with lancer (crush+quintian) combo so you use crush-quintina combo and in the mean time when quintian is cd, use those hard hitting skills!.
the problem is: once you get lancer VV, dragon skills does not have the same value as before, because cruch is 5 cd, and each time allows for a crush+quintian combo, thus giving enough rotation even without dragon in the mix thus changing for hoplite with his finestra+ sharp spear may be better.

So yeah at the end, by giving him end game equips and selecting some special builds like for example: barb cata hop (channel set) it really work but still would not even get close of similar top builds with the same investment.

you can also go with hop-lancer-dragon and do no mounted one but i find it so ridiculous a 2handed spear without mount, that ■■■■ should burn in hell, the way they hold the spear, is just ugly.