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Looking for 1h sword+shield build

Saw a friend play this game and downloaded it. Is there a good sword and shield solo build of some sort?
anybody have a build i can follow?

mur - petl - rodel
mur - bard - pelt

If you plan to focus on PvE Barbarian is a must, since Frenzy gives you a straight up 40% damage increase, and it also has solid AoE skills that can be used with any weapon

Now, unfortunately the only Swordsman class that focuses on 1hSword and Shield is Hackapelle (which is a mounted class), however Barbarian and Highlander skills doesnt have any weapon restrictions, so they can be used with any weapon

Peltasta, Rodelero and Murmillo are all classes that focuses on shields, so you can also go for any of those, these however focuses a little bit more on defense, CC and shield-damaging skills, respectively

There isnt a definitive build to go for, you’ll have to try and see what you like, but i can recomend something like;

Barbarian - Hackapelle - Highlander <-- for full DPS (although you’ll have a big skill rotation)
Barbarian - Hackapelle - Peltasta <-- for a little bit more survability
Barbarian - Highlander - X (and so on)

Or you could even try a full tank build with Peltasta, Rodelero and Murmillo, but thats up to your playstyle (a little bit harder for solo tho)

Good luck friend!


May try this once i get more familiar with the game but will definable keep this in mind. Thank you.

Barb-hack-pelt sounds tanky enough. Thanks for the info. Don’t suppose you can tell me the mandatory skills to max and stat suggestions

Sure, i’ve made this quick guide you can follow, of course you dont have to faithfully stick to it, thats just how i would distribute stuff;
(also, keep that site in hand, its a pretty useful and complete database of the game)

I can give some insight on the choices;
So, Barbarian is pretty straight forward, you max everything you can use, Cleave is a 1 point wonder, but you’ll have leftover points so you dump them in that skill, Seism is a very strong AoE burst skill and Pouncing is a great DPS channel skill, but Barb shines with Frenzy and Warcry, these two buffs increase your overall damage by a lot, so try to keep them up at all times, both can have 100% up-time

Hackapelle is pretty simple too, that’ll be your main DPS class, it has a very healthy skill rotation by itself, Cavarly Charge and Storm Bolt are 1 point wonders for their utility, so you can pretty much max everything else, you can switch the maxing of Skarphuggning and Helm Chopper, up to you, Helm Chopper does a little bit more damage, but i prefer Skar for the additional Overheats and AoE

Peltasta tho, you can move around a lot depending on what you like, Guardian and Hard Shield are a must tho, since they are too good, personally i don like High Guard since it reduces your DPS, but it does give you a pretty nice DEF boost and you can cancel it at any time, that is more of a personal preference tho, you can totally go for the skill and youll have more defensive options, you can also switch points from Swash Buckling for Rim Blow and vice-versa

As for stats, your base stats automatically increase every time you level up, so your main source for extra stats is from equipment, so, the priority (for the most part) would be; CON --> STR --> DEX

CON is always welcome with any class, since it increases your HP AND your Def and MDef
STR straight up increases your Physical Attack, a no brainer
DEX increases you Critical Damage and also sincreases your attack speed a little (attack speed also affects some skills) but Dex isnt as important as Str or Con, but definitely usable

Good luck with your build fella! if you dont understand something or just have any questions about the game feel free to ask and ill do my best to help c: