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LONGER Gemstone!

One of the funniest thing on Tree of Savior, is well known by: Gemstone. To everyone. But I think that 15 minutes + 15 minutes is TOO short. Don’t need to increase the coins, just to increase the time, so we could enjoy it. No need unbalanced prizes and not a forced system (participates only who wants to enjoy a good PvP).


So, I suggest:

  • A longer GEMSTONE, like 25-30 minutes each ROUND. Like: 21h00-21h25 + 21h30-21h55.


  • More times on the day. Like: 21h10-21h25 (uniform) + 21h30-21h45 + 22h10-22h25 + 22h30-22h45 (normal).

i personally like the time length of the sessions… :satisfaction:

Guess i don’t enter that “WE” on this thread.

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gem stone twice a day would be pretty great or just increase the coins and increase the time a little

Ye, so we can easily dc-ed or vgaed? no thanks…


no thanks to tat too, half the time im just running away from pvp maniacs or invs scouts

most of your thread are


Sadly most people on this forum doesn’t represents the real player base ON the game… Here you’re all like: “No, this is good enough to me, 'cause I like to spend 8 hours doing quests, and sitting on Klaipeda doing nothing…” The only explaination for some replys, is that you’re probably a soft player that didn’t ever gone PvP.

no thx 30 min of genbu spam is long enough

And what makes you think you are the total representation of the community?

Making gemstone last more will probably cause fatigue and people will tend to abandon one of the sessions leaving only the freaks for the second round and guess what? most of the player base aren’t freaks that love doing the same thing over and over for extended time. That’s how i see and that’s why i do prefer the 15 min length sessions.

If by any chance you want to know what the community thinks, don’t go just putting your beliefs as the “will of everybody” and don’t go full rage mode right from the bat.


@Slender please just fly to korea, apply job at nexon and change this game coding to the way you see fit

just preaching in the forum wont change anything, dont you? Your opinion seems like an AAA game developer professional after all

in your “we” who are you exactly referring to ? 15mins x 2 is enough.

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Wish I could, but NOTHING changes with passive atitudes… Hope never dies… And I don’t want to quit from a game that can be one of the most perfect game I ever played… If people had not complained in the past 'bout stuffs they didn’t like, probably we wouldn’t even have the “REBUILD” update.


Any raid takes more than 15 min, and guess what? People do it over and over again, day by day, exactly the same raids, with the same script. Gemstone has a lot of variables, 'cause it’s a BATTLEFIELD, PvP. Most of us don’t want to kill monsters all day like we’re on a offline RPG. If you don’t like battlefields or PvP, you can always do something else…

The event duration is ok, but more times a day would be fun

Gemstone feud is fun I agree, but making it longer than 15 mins will just give me fatigue. 4 sessions, wouldn’t be bad though, spread it out through out the day? And maybe they should also increase the shop cap while they’re at it. I have like 90k badges unused because the only thing worth getting from the shop is blessed gems. Just looking at the amount of badges in my inventory, I can skip for weeks and not worry, but that wouldn’t be fun anymore. If I could buy more items in proportion to the number of wins I got for the day, then that would be great.

PS: They have to fix that stupid swordsman bug. 10 sec silence is not fun.

you can buy silver ichor and try your luck or selling silver ichor service.

Even 15 minutes is way too long for 2 Blessed Gems per day.

Imo they could open a free mode with no rewards, but we should not have another window for PVP builds to earn even more free medals.

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you see, i dont know which server the poster is, but on ours. i dont know how but the top 3 pvp’ers always on one side and just camp the exit of enemies safe zone. so if thats your definition of “fun” i guess 15mins is too short to torture those souls thats just want to farm gems for 2bg a day

ofcourse if they are on your side, youre fine. but you are the one being camped, its not.

the only tweak i want in feud is more items to buy using badges. 15mins is fine as of now.


That’s because they leave and re-enter until the game puts them in the same channel and the same team. Happens on our server too.

Agreed. I don’t see why they removed the AP coupons, that was the primary reason to do GF in the first place.

No thanks.
I don’t want to be destroyed by unkillable omnioji-shadowmancers and OP lancers or reitiarius more times. /tired