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Lodge mechanics/UI

The lodge system in its current state has some issues.

So right now we have a maximum number of 30 character slots, distributed into 2 Lodges, which have a maximum of 15 each.

Moving characters between lodges is really clunky right now. You can only move one character to the other lodge at a time, given that the other lodge isn’t full. Which means (I have 28 characters at the moment) when I make a 30th character, I will essentially be stuck in what character is in what lodge.

The other nuisance is that there is no way to change the order of the characters in the lodge, they’re always listed in the order they were created in.

But there is also an actually annoying problem, or rather a bug I keep facing:

Re-logging (->char select->back into game) on any character in the “2nd lodge”, always results in logging into the game on a character from the “1st lodge”. The solution is to wait for the bugged lodge to completely load, and switch to lodge2, rather than just hitting Enter right away. It’s annoying when you have to re-log out of an instance to go back into a queue ASAP, just to realize you’ve logged onto a different character…


Would really like to see an addon that makes the lodge easier to handle when you have a lot of characters. (or just an official use)


The 30 character-slot limit is starting to be a serious issue as I have ideas for new characters but don’t want to delete any of my existing ones :'D

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Amy
any chance the devs might be considering giving us even more character slots? :stuck_out_tongue:

How could you manage to have so many toons XD I play with 8 and boi I have my hands full lol

As of now, my 26 characters are all R9-320+… considering deleting my 361 penguin, cause I miss making new characters ):

Delete a char and level up a pet.