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Locked Sub Quests

Hello everyone, i just returned to game and created new character, but i cannot do any sub quests, i got a message “get 10 episode reward or get 390 lv character”, i tried to seartc for path notes or somethnig about this. but didint find. Anybody know about this and what that means?

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u need lvl 390 or clear 1-10 episode quest, press f5 to see

i know, but previously it didint requared to have 390 character or episode reawrd, why that happens?

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It happens because they changed the quest system. You won’t be able to do sub-quests until you meet one of the requirements.

Where i can read about changes in quest system?

that’s weird… why?

They disabled subquests for your first character to streamline the leveling process through doing the main quests, which was already the recommended route for leveling anyways.
The subquests can then be unlocked on subsequent characters for lore or extra experience.

they locked them on all my other characters too and thats what i didnt like…

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i’m a completist player and just started a new char trying to complete ALL quests and exploration. they killed my motivation for playing at all… congratulations!

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idk why, you still get them just gotta meet a requirement 1st

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