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List of things that ToS do better than Genshin

-No resin
-No constellation

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-spiritual successor from our (most of us) 1st mmo
-aesthetic graphic, different from other anime mmos
-constant updates
-nice arts and musics (even tho morroc and prontera BGM still better)
-gamepad quick slot similar to FFXIV (which is a good thing)
-tons of costumes, effects, wings but man… they really cheap with it, some of them doesnt even make it to exchange shop anymore

what they need to improve is pvp, some of us came from BDO, im used to being ganked the whole time, i miss the “spot taken” thing
IMC if you read this come on man give us free pvp, or maybe a map like prontera where are there no npc and we can freely pvp with each other

  • other players in game
  • NPCs that actually are looking like mature people (at least those that have portraits)
  • customizable commands
  • Mistress Melanie
  • customize charater



  • Daily log-in rewards
  • Killing monsters actually gives you EXP
  • You don’t have to pay for your favorite classes and waifus
  • You can actually hotkey items
  • Better performance / optimization
  • You don’t have to select controller every time you open the game
  • The in-game camera is way better

Wait, what? Better performance and optimization?

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uuhh… yeah, you might want to delete that from your post rivayir lol, because right now there is no thing that can help this game performance

they knew that they fked up their engine in this game since 2016 and thats why nothing can help this game poor optimization

hahahaha i have run both game at the same time but Genshine runs very smoothly. TOS…awww lag even more :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: btw i only run the game for afk, it’s just fine.

even TOS have 100 things better but you performance still bad. every thing bad too

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We got waifu. Dem Goddesses.

Wait, why are we comparing 2 very different games from 2 very different genres? xd

bcz we are asian, comparing our children is traditional.

Find the seven differences, so said the statement of the traditional magazine hobby. More than differences, it seems some kind of ad campaign that seeks to resurrect the game at the cost of a new (and stupid) fashion … Or at least I want to think, I hope it is not some White Knight or sponsored Youtuber that in the near future will be queuing at unemployment.

I hardly see differences, I do see what the two games do wrong … And there are many things, too many. In order not to lengthen this message, I can summarize the crucial point in (leaving aside other matters); online casinos that traffic private information in exchange for money. An example of this is the (current) need for ToS and Steam to have your phone number.

ToS would be better than that other game (which I am not going to try, it is a mobile Gacha with default characters and a button-mashing system typical of the fighting games that I hate so much * some programmers forget the main point of RPGs; characters config -avatars of player in online-, system -they are RPG, not action/fighting games- and world open well defined *), but the latest features (countermeasures) just keep digging their own grave deeper.

Instead of troubleshooting your own garden, it is easier to focus on your neighbor’s garden.

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No Monk in Genshin Impact … for now.

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