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Linker/Enchanter/BM AA element/status damage


Im using link/enchan/BM for Auto atk build i got a buff in scout double attack in enchanter enhanct lightning and lightning hands and for BM got silver bullets and frost bullet over all i got lightning, crit, holy, frost full buff Auto atk. so my question why does the asdsa buff wont show sometimes they’re showing while im auto attacking sometimes not and i got strike damage i dont know where it came from.

Need advice link/enhanct/bm user



Lightning Hand = Strike Damage

and i don’t understand your main question, what buff is not showing?


To be clear Freeze Bullet says chance to freeze, not cold damage.

Silver Bullet does change to holy damage.

Enchanter lightning enchant does indeed change to lightning damage all your missile/melee attacks (so basically all your attacks, maybe save for linker ‘attacks’)


just like in the pic i use all of my buff lightning hands and enchant lightning i only see the lightning hands the thunder effect while AA but i can only see the strike 25% and critical, sometimes i see the lightning 50%, critical, etc.


Because of mob properties.

The Lightning +50% will only show when the monster is Ice Type because they are weak to Lightning. For the Strike 25% it’s because Lightning Hands is a Strike Type attack, and it shows because the monster you are hitting is a Plate-Type monster.


I think he is asking why he is not getting the +50% on frozen monsters with eletric attacks, right? IMC removed that bonus on frozen targets.


some questions to this:

corsair brutality buffs missile and pierce damage by 20%, does that mean the bonus no longer works if i change the damage type to lightning with LH?

Also how does LH and Silver bullets work? Does it override each other or can both work at the same time?

would be cool if someone could answer that, its really confusing on how buffs work ingame


bump, i want to know too
anyone can explain this?


Missile and Pierce is different from elements. They are “Attack types”. These are Missile, Pierce, Slash, and Strike. Elements are different. They are called “Properties”. They are Lightning, Fire, Ice, Earth, Poison, Dark, and Holy. Any skill can only have one Attack type but some skills and auto-attacks can have multiple Properties (usually in the form of additional lines or property attacks.)

LH adds an extra line of “Lightning” “Strike” damage to your attacks. SB will not affect this no matter what. SB only affects your auto-attacks and skills.

HOWEVER, EL (Enchant Lightning), which changes you auto-attacks to Lightning property TRUMPS SB. Meaning, even with SB buff on, your attacks will deal “Lightning” “Missile” damage, not “Holy” “Missile”. So ONLY cast EL when the enemy is neither Lightning element nor Dark element or is Ice element since Lightning will deal 25% more to Ice, 25% less to Lightning, and Holy does 50% more to Dark.

Also, please don’t be one of those Enchanters who cast EL regardless of what enemy. Such a hassle to remove your buff every so often just to maintain my damage :sweat: