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Limacon New Art

The duration of limacon new art has only 45 sec duration and skill have 60 sec cooldown.

IMC, please increase skill duration :sad:

The description is weird.
Could you explain what it does?

And you are talking about ‘Scout Class’ with the ‘Cleric Class’ pin on your post. Attention to that, please.

Why limacon in cleric ???

I don’t know which Cleric gets Limacon, but you could probably improve the uptime if you pair it with Dievdirbys. With Statue of Goddess Laima at lvl 13 or higher, Limacon with its new Art would likely have 100% uptime. This is made easier thanks to the new Carve Attack Art.

Hopefully, your Cleric build will have space for both Dievdirbys and whichever class gets Limacon.

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The limacon arts is supposed to have a downside, and it just happens to be duration.
Its one of the downsides that can be bypassed though with dievdirby which is literally a staple in all CM parties.
This is a non-issue aside from convenience maybe, but thats what you pay for more AoE on your main DPS skill.