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Lift soloing CM 430+ "punishment"


  1. more people now tend to save their un-timed cm reset from cubes/mb shop to craft CM division singularity/token multilplier
  2. CM resets price increase, making its not worthed to use it for regular CM
  3. less players (especially strong dps one) doing cm party, leaving out tons of slaves, healers, and falco slaves
  4. CM7 430+ is pretty much soloable now with all stuff we got now
  5. party member related aspects like different time of play time, roles in party, different runs of CM performed by each member etc etc
  6. people are lazy to switching to a weaker alts or different party-role alts

the rewards for soloing CM 430+ is at huge loss compare to doing it in 5-man party

for this reasons i suggest:
make the reward of soloing CM 430+ to be even with the reward of doing it in 5 man-party (powders, silvers, vv drop rate etc)

or somewhere around 3/4, 4/5 of 5-man party
but not this current amount right now
make it even too if its less than 5 man party

ps: also add cm with assister with 5-man party reward instead of our soloing CM 430 reward rate now. ASAP.

buy 5 VDI, run sync bot with 5 accounts.

if you want to do sh*t non legit why bother doin it halfway
just runs some bots or even buy the silver itself
no hassle of doin it through CM

my suggestion is to improve legit ways of making silver with one main account without the unnecessary “punishment” implemented now for 430+ CM, making it works like 430- CM
idgaf bout how you can get more loot/silver through countless account cause my main issue here is the silly “punishment” that implemented for 430+ CM

that’s boring though

from the some ktos/ktest patch i read, IMC decided to increase the reward (i dunno what it is) from DS 1 until 4, yet, reduce DS 5 reward. Now we just wait until next patch comes at Itos. Since, i dont have account to both server to see the changes

nice info but this punishment lifting suggestion is for regular CM 430+/ep 12 map, not DS

when CM 430+ first introduced it has different reward formulation from CM 430- maps in which you gain more by doing it in party
but then 430+ CM now is kinda outdated for some, even many, cause DS present more rewards
i think its time for CM 430+ reward formula to be treated like CM 430- one