Tree of Savior

LFM [SEA Telsiai] Exquise (International Guild)



  • Guild Exquise
  • Server Telsiai (T)
  • Lv.16
  • Member Now : 66
  • International Guild
  • PVE Guild
  • Content Guild (Guild raid , Guild Mission)
  • Content PVE (ET , Raid , Dg, Saalus , CM , and more)
  • Don’t Bot! Don’t AFK in dg
  • Have 15-20 Online member per day
  • LFM New Player or Return Player
    ***if you join now pls read new commuity guild (By Alt+g)
    **you can see tower guild by alt+g

How to join?
1.Tell me (MidfordXII) or anyone member guild.
2.Alt+R and find logo guild “Exquise” or slogan “Thing of food Thing of foodland”
3.My discord “Midford#0608”