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LF> lvl 100+ kabbalist with merkabah skill


Team name: Chancery

Can anybody please help me form a party for seven valleys mission or carry me through it? I’m looking to kill the 20 panto wizards before the 40 sec timer runs out to unlock the secret room for the “can’t meet again” hidden quest. I’m currently lvl 237 (at the time of posting this) and min lvl for the mission is 100, but the mobs scale to player lvl.

Edit: Now looking for a lvl 100+ kabbalist to try and bypass barrier with merkabah skill.


You can also ask a Kabbalist to carry you through the barrier with Merkabah.

If he’s got some training he can summon Merkabah in a way that it goes through the Barrier and allows getting off without rubberbanding back outside.


just make sure you do the beginning stuff first or the ghost won’t be there I believe
if you make a party of 2 or 3 people their kills will count for it


As far as I can tell, you can’t ride Merkabah anymore…
I’ve been trying to ride mine since yesterday.

EDIT: Managed to ride it in GTW earlier.


il help u, im in Telsai server, this night online whats your server?


Hmm, has anybody personally done this quest before? A guildie helped me by killing all the panto wizards (he wasn’t sure if there was exactly 20 there, though) in less than 40 seconds, but the door didn’t open. I stood infront of the doorway with the goddess statue-pillar-things in the room where the first boss spawned. Am I doing something wrong? Did I misunderstand where the room is supposed to unlock from?

Er, this is literally posted in the klaipeda section. XD

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i’ve done this quest legitimately
All you have to do to trigger the barrier going off is killing the 20 panto before timer goes to 0, make sure to get to the boss so the mission doesn’t fail too

Maybe try talking to Lilyanna and getting her 3 unique dialogue? Also one thing I’ve heard is talking to the well in Cobalt Forest before you go into the mission (after you do the well quest there ofc)

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Can any lvl 100+ kabbalist with merkabah skill please help me try bypassing the barrier? I’m not familiar with the specifics on this trick, so it might take some trial and error.

Edit: done