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Leveling in Re:Build

Hello! Before R:B I used to grind for Exp, but I’ve been told that that is not the way to go anymore, since quests are worth more now. But I am finding leveling so extremely slow, for example, I spent like half-hour questing in Tenet Garden on my Cleric and I only went from 28 to 33ish. I am using the buffs (sacrament and blessing if I am not mistaken). I remember that in 20min I could pretty much go from 20 to 50. Is it actually that slow now or am I doing something wrong? Cheers!

PS: I did read the updated leveling guide

Well, have you tried grinding after re: build then? It is quite hard to believe questing is faster considering the amount of traveling time… I think the guide suggested the quests for the rewards/stat points?

I usually grind at tanet church 3 from level30 to 80-ish (rank4 before patch), and usually takes less than an hour (with some exp boosts of course). Give it a shot and let me know if it is indeed slower.

Grinding is maybe better for early levels while quests are better at higher level.

The other thing people overlook are challenge modes, if you can get reset scrolls for a reasonable price pretty early on even solo the CMs pay for themselves and you can just power level in no time. You should be able to make enough, or close to enough to cover the cost of the reset scroll, youd just have to find a portal. If you bought portal scrolls too at lower levels youd lose $ too quickly to be able to keep going over and over.

generally you’ll only want to complete the main quests in pre lvl 300 + grinding as stated in the leveling guide, then after lvl 300 u can start to do the main quests + blue quests etc

To add on my previous post, at lv 145 I just entered demon prison 2, used a challenge portal scroll and solo, completed stage 5 for over 500k silver.

This was on a wizard, pyschokino only, my other circle is alchemist and just has tincturing for pots, its a mule. So with literally only THREE skills; gravity pole, heavy gravity, and pyshcic pressure, and in trash 120 blue/purple armor I was able to solo CM and go from lv 145 to 165 in less then 25 minutes.

That was also free b/c it was my daily CM, if I want, I can buy a reset scroll and do it again and still make 200k or so silver.

I actually found it much faster to grind to about 150 or so, and THEN begin doing quests. preferabbly main quests 20 levels above your current level or so.

I started playing TOS for my very first time just a few hours before TOS maintnence that brought inre:build, i am level 381 now.

many quests between 150 and 360 or so will level you up by itself. some will level you up twice. starting around 330 or so, even the blue quests become worth doing.

Grind til 150ish (that’s where I think starts getting slow and bit boring) and then do main quest til 300 (alongside with CM if you can). Sub quest also give decent exp but main quest is pretty good already. From lv 300, main quest and sub quest both give huge exp. Do both. They stated in patch note that starting lv 300 both quests exp are significantly increased.

Yesterday I tried levelling from lv 378 (80%) to 380 only doing Sausy9 quests (both main & sub) around 6-7 quests I think. In only 10 mins lol can’t do that with normal grinding.

Like everyone said, do the normal leveling route of grinding and CM till Lvl 300 then do the quests on top of the daily dungeon and CM runs.

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