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Level Dungeons & Mercenary Missions Guide

What are level dungeons?

Dungeons are missions that can be do alone or in group with 4 other people. When entering a dungeon you must, next to your team, eliminate all the mobs scattered around the map, and in the end defeat the big boss to complete the dungeon and receive their rewards.

Where can I get into this “dungeon”?

To enter a dungeon, you must speak to the NPC “Sentinel Rian”, which can be found north-east of Klaipeda.

Klaipeda map location

When speaking with npc, you will be presented with several dungeon options to be performed.
Choose one and a new window will open.

In this window you will find some information about the chosen dungeon.

  1. Number of entries made / allowed.
    This daily limit of 3 dungeons always resets at 6:00 AM server time, so stay tuned!

  2. Level needed to perform that dungeon.

  3. Information about the dungeon boss.
    Some dungeons may contain more than 1 boss.

  4. Here you can check the dungeon drops.

  5. Clicking here, the game will put you in an automatic queue and will get 4 other players to join with you.

  6. Click this button to start the dungeon with 2 to 4 players.
    This button is very useful if you and others are in the queue for more than 2 minutes. By clicking on it, you confirm that you want to enter the dungeon with the players in your pre-defined group. When all members click on this option the dungeon will start

  7. Enter the search queue with the current members of your party.

  8. This option will put you immediately inside the dungeon, without the need to wait in the search queue.
    Use when you want to go solo for the dungeon or if you want to go with a member of your party, asking him to also click on this option

  9. Multiplier of XP and Drop. To use this option you must have the item “Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token” in your inventory. Choose how many you want to use and confirm, so when you finish your dungeon you will receive 2x or 3x rewards, according to the amount of “Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token” used.
    By using this item, the dungeon limit also will increase, or be, by using 2 “Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token” and being 0/3 on the limits of daily dungeon, at the end of the dungeon your conter will be 3/3.

Dungeon Rewards

Once you enter the dungeon, a rewards counter will appear on your screen on the right side.
As you kill the mobs within the dungeon, this counter will increase, thus increasing your rewards at the end of the dungeon.
Always try to complete 100% of the dungeon before finishing it, as it will receive more Xp, silver and dungeon cubes

What are dungeon cubes?
Dungeon cubes are boxes received after finishing your dungeon. Its rewards vary from dungeon to dungeon, but the Talt being present in all dungeon cubes.

Talt is used to enhance your guild, unlocking new guild functions

What are mercenary missions?

The mercenary missions are instances where you will have to complete some challenges. As a reward, you will earn silver, Xp and a Mystery cube.

Where can I enter Mercenary Missions?

To enter the mercenary missions, you should speak with the npc “Receptionist Ramda” in the north-east of Klaipeda.
You must have level 100+ to perform a mercenary mission

Klaipeda map location

When talking to npc, it will show you several optionsMercenary%20Menu

When choosing an option, a window identical to that of the dungeons will open and you will be able to join other people to complete this mission.

Missions guide

Siauliai Mission

This is one of the missions most chosen by players who wish to do the Mercenary Missions, because it is easy and quick to perform. So let’s go to the mini guide on how to do it!

  • Step 1: Upon entering this mission, you will find a barricade blocking the path. Break the barricade with basic attacks or multi-hit skills. Some mobs are spawned while you do not break the barricade, however, they do not present as much danger as they do not give much damage and are easily slaughtered by their skills.

  • Step 2: The next area just after the barricade is a battle against a boss. Here is not much secret, shoot down the boss and proceed to the next area.

  • Step 3: Defend the torch of the enemy waves that will spawn. This may be the hardest part if you go solo on this mission, because if you can not kill the monsters for 1 minute and they are able to destroy the torch, the mission will fail and you will not be able to be reborn. If you join other people in your party you will not have any problems, just kill the monsters and proceed to the next area.

  • Step 4: In this area you will find 2 spawned bosses. Shoot down 1 of them and the final boss of the quest will appear. In this part it is very important that you shoot down the other boss before you shoot down the final boss, so that you will also win the silver and xp of it, if you kill the final boss before, the other boss will disappear and you will lose your rewards of xp and silver .

Crystal Mine Mission
  • Step 1: When entering this quest, 2 bosses will appear after a few seconds, shoot them down quickly, and proceed to the next area.

  • Step 2: In this area some mobs will appear periodically, as well as 2 bosses, eliminate them for 5 minutes to complete this stage. If you do not want to kill the mobs, you can go back to the first area where you fought with the first 2 bosses, so the mobs will continue to spawn but will not haunt you, just wait 5 minutes to proceed to the next area.

  • Step 3: Destroy the Vubbe tribe flag present in this area to proceed to the next step. There are 2 flags to be destroyed, without much secrets, use basic attacks and multi-hit skills to destroy them quickly.

  • Step 4: In this next area, you must fight 2 bosses and defeat them so that the final boss appears, thus completing the mission.

Seven Valley Mission
  • Step 1: Defeat the monsters that will appear to release the next area.

  • Step 2: Proceeding to the next area, look for 1 boss who appeared in this area, find him, defeat and proceed to the next area.

  • Step 3: Survive the wave of mobs by defeating them until they stop appearing, when you finish, stay tuned for the next step.

  • Step 4: In this step you must be fast because you only have 40 seconds to get to the next boss. Climb the steps carefully so you do not step on the magic circles, as they will apply stun if you step on them. When you find the final boss, defeat him, completing the mission.

Catacombs Mission

When you enter this mission, you will notice that your character will be in the middle of a map with several possible paths to follow. Choose one and move forward.

  • Step 1: When you reach the end of this path, you will find a boss and next to him a Summon Scroll. Destroy the Summon Scroll and shoot down the boss if you find it necessary, as choosing to leave it alive will not imply anything for the completion of the mission.

  • Step 2: Go back to the central area of ​​the map and choose another path to follow this time.

  • Step 3: Perform the same steps as in Step 1 and 2 for 2 more times, totaling 3 Summon Scrolls destroyed. When this happens, return to the center of the map and eliminate the final boss of that quest.

Mercenary mission reward

After completing the mission, you will receive a Mystery Cube. When opening this cube, you will randomly win a crafting material.

Monster Cards

During mercenary missions, you have a small chance to get monster cards shortly after you shoot down a boss. These cards can be equipped in your character to receive various benefits, or, used as invocations by Sorcerer class, if allowed.

In the following screenshots, you can check which bosses are present on each mission, so you know which one will give you the chance to drop your card.

Siauliai Bosses

Crystal Mine Bosses

Seven Valley Bosses

Catacombs Bosses

Some boss cards deserve special attention because they are Demon Lords. These bosses offer very good attributes in their cards, and for this reason, are more expensive than the others. These Demon Lord Bosses can be found in specific missions, as listed below:

Catacombs Mission
  • Mirtis ​Card Equip Effect: Increases damage against Small-sized monsters by [★/2]%
  • Rexipher ​Card Equip Effect: Magic Critical Attack +[★*10]
  • Helgasercle ​Card Equip Effect: Magic Attack +[★*5]
Siauliai Mission
  • Zaura Card Equip Effect: Physical Defense +[★]%
  • Nuaele Card Equip Effect: Magic Defense +[★]%
Seven Valley Mission
  • Blut ​Card Equip Effect: CON +[★]
Crystal Mine Mission
  • Marnox ​Card Equip Effect: Critical Rate +[★*1.5]

It is worth mentioning that these Demon Lord cards are also obtained through the Monsters Card Album, following the following rule:

  • Red Album: Mirtis, Rexipher, Helgasercle
  • Blue Album: Zaura, Nuaele
  • Green Album: Blut
  • Purple Album: Marnox

If you are only interested in its legendary version, you will have to defeat its World Boss versions, which spawn periodically on certain maps.

Team name: Gravity_Falls
Server: Silute [SA]


Good guide. Interesting to note that Mercenary Missions also drop monster cards. Each mission will randomly select bosses based on the color of their respective cards. I can’t check right now what is the color of the cards from each mission but each one of them work around each card color.

1 Like

Thanks for the comment. I had completely forgotten the chance to drop monster cards from those missions. I updated the guide with the information you added and a few more I researched about the monsters cards.

I’m doing Crystal Mine missions (started today) and let me get this straight: is it really possible to drop a Marnox card if “the final boss” is indeed a Marnox? I need this card both for my musk/falco and for my sorc.

Yes, if you are lucky enough to meet Marnox in your run you have the chance to drop your card. It’s a change that was made a long time ago, when the legends cards arrived, you can check out the patch notes ( However, I strongly recommend that you try to drop the card in purple monster card albums instead of trying to drop it on mercenary missions given that the card drop chances if the desired boss appears are too low. Try to search for events held by players to open the monster card album and try the luck to drop there, I assure you that it will be much faster if you do not want to spend silver to buy it.

Oh! What a pity :confused:
I guess that’s why no one is doing the mercenary post missions anymore (at least I haven’t seen people going there since I started playing again). Thank you for your advice and I’m probably gathering silver to buy the card instead of trying to drop. It is not that expensive and I am pretty sure when I start working again (on vacation at the moment) I won’t have time to try to drop it as I’m doing now.

I guess mercenary post missions kinda lost their popularity a long time ago because of the changes that happened in the game. The rewards (which devs should upgrade tbh) and the exp gained doesn’t seem to match the effort required to finish them… There was a time when i did crystal mine for uhh… mining purposes and overkill title farming.

I remember seeing lots of people together queuing up for mercenary + leveling dungeons in Klaipeda. I hope they can fix it again and change the range for the party because I was 373 and my brother 350 and we couldn’t go together because our levels didn’t match. It should be at least 30 lower or higher from each other. The game cap level is at 420 so 10 levels of difference is a big mistake as well. They could also increase chances of getting cards (at least the ones we use to feed another cards) and maybe some materials needed to craft/build/use in some cases.

I think people did mercenary missions awhile back because of the sprout event. The auto-queueing system is really kinda bad too. Sometimes even if you are in the similar level range you couldn’t still get matched with each other… Have you tried manual partying?