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Level 460 hot week boost stopped me from being able to learn from Rogue Master

When I boosted because of the hot week event, it started showing me quests of all levels, and when I eventually spoke with the Rogue Master in search of arts, I was immediately given the quest, “Without a Trace.” I did this quest, and now when I talk to Rogue Master, I just get some useless barks. Rogue advancement quests, “A Gust”, “Step on Tail”, and “No One Knows” do not appear in my quest list at all, even in my completed section. I was never given these quests.

Is there anything I am missing here? Pretty much a broken character if I can’t learn arts.

those advancement quests aren’t available anymore iirc

Is there a prerequisite to learn from the class masters?

you learn arts from scout master at klaipeda, not rogue master, right?

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Yes. You are right. Thank you!