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Level 440 Legend Gear Basic Explanation

Hello saviors!
I know I was rather confused about the new level 440 legend gears coming up, and it seems like I wasn’t the only one! One of the kToS players made a well-written explanation of what the different sets are, and what they do. This player also pointed out what set would be beneficial for which content. So, I figured I’d share this with the community, and translated it. Hope it helps a bit!



Thank you for that, Gimbap!

Reading about the set effect part makes me wonder - can you mix n match the same sets between varna and the new set (e.g. using 5 new parts and 1 varna part to get full ataka)?

Unless there is some discrepancy between ktos and ktest that I’m not aware of, you cannot get the lvl400 set effects on the new gears.

(none of those are old effects)

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You are right! I didn’t realize the difference of the way the original author worded this. Thanks for pointing it out. The information has been fixed/updated on the guide.

Unfortunately, you need all 6 parts for set effect on the new equipment. As mentioned above, I made an error in translation. The level 400 set effect can not be used on the level 440 equipment. The original author was trying to say that the level 440 has set effect, just like level 400.

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