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Level 285 (?) Master quests


I was confused to see my characters able to see all these quests in the quest list even if I was using none of the classes in my build. So after killing the Velnia Monkey field boss in Tennant’s Garden, I decided to talk to the Retiarius Master to see what the quest was about…

Apparently, any character can now undertake the quest to become an apprentice of the new classes. The master will give you the quest, as before when you wanted to unlock the class for your character, and you can complete it for a title. So my Warlock is now also a novice gladiator… neat :slight_smile:

However, after talking to the master again, you simply get the usual NPC talk and nothing else happens if you’re not of the right class. But the quest entry persists in the quest list…

Since it’s tagged as “repetitive quest (1/15)”, I presume it’s the quest to get the extra accessories/costumes for that class and it totally irrelevent to any character that doesn’t have the class in the build. So it would be nice to split the quest entry into two separate entries: a “blue” quest entry for the old class unlock/title quest (same as all other lower level Master quests) and a “purple” quest entry for the class-specific content that would be available only to characters of that class.


Unlock Quests

  • Class Unlock Quests will be replaced with Master’s Story and players will receive corresponding titles upon completion of Master’s Story quests.
  • Players who have already unlocked classes will receive the titles without having to complete the quests.
  • Gimmick masters and their respective titles are as follows:
    Zealot: Zealous Believer
    Bullet Marker: Wandering Gunman
    Matador: Romantic Matador
    Shadowmancer: Shadow Master
    Exorcist: Divine Exorcist
    Onmyoji: Master of the Yin and Yang
    Retiarius: Determined Gladiator
    Pied Piper: Master of the Flute
    Chaplain: Prestigious Commander


Yes, that’s the title I got from completing the quest. However, the quest doesn’t disappear from the list once completed and the repetitive part is irrelevent so it shouldn’t be persistent once the title quest is completed.