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Let's role play angry kid here!

So as many of you guys i still don’t have my dismantled gear from the 50% discount transcendence event i can’t role play my wizard. I think i’ll just try to role play angry kid then! Where? Here on forums ofc! So lets start the sht:
I was just curious and giggling with Saamy about some genus game design “features” like - “Hm lets kill mana regen class and make them eat pots as hella critical here!!?? Good idea!!!”. So i captured it just for science ofc:

Then a saw this sht:

Tadaaam! Congratz Wiher you did it! You are chosen 154th one for sure!!!
But thats ok i think. Me as good(or not just go away pls JUST DON’T) person went and made a ticket about it:

Blah blah blah i’m sad i lost my stuff crycrycry nothing cool here. Let’s see what we got here:

Ok let’s rate it as 4. Why not? The hope is still hope. Next move(look at the dates dudes):

Nothing interesting here as well(just skip this page dude why are still reading are you mad i’m NOT OFC!) so why not rate it as 5 btw:

Today is 11th of February. Today is good day. We got some patch notes. And what do you think i saw here?

Ehehehehehehehheheheheh yeeeeeees. Nothing. Cool. Not like me.

What do you think they tell me guys? Also rate their service at support department from infinite to 154 btw. My next rate would be 1 to fit the right numbers ofc.

P.S. if it was good role play just take some dump here, they can’t clean their own sht how can they clean this place after you man seriously?


@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan

Will we really go 3 weeks without our boi 154 and his magic staff ?


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Lula Zorda

I put 1 star here. Not for fast answer. Not for slow INVESTIGATION PROCESS. Just to role play angry one.