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Let us transfer appearance legend velco weapons

in general all legends, but since savi and varna design is a copy i demand for velco gear to be appearance transferable. thank you.


Wouldn’t that confuse the players if you would sell weapons that has Velco appearance and fooling others to believe is Vel or any other legendary weapons.

This would promote scammers so I refuse and hope they don’t add this into the game.The legendary weapons should never be able to transfer their appearance bc of scammers/exploiters towards new players or players who aren’t that knowledgeable.


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if you transfer it to unique or magic the background/color coding of weapons will still the same so anyone who see and read before buy should know its not velco weapon.
if its transfered to savi or even varna lol, its profit.
beside nowadays not so many people sell velco gears.its even just 2 pages in klai server.
plus the reason i transfer it is not to sell it but because we are lacking of black weapon design

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i think we need to hold back for some newbie who might rushing in reply and dont even know this

so this

not going to happen.

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I understand but I see it doing more harm than good in general but maybe like you said suggest more dark weapons in the future but never allow legendary appearance to be transfer as an appearance…that’s just my opinion…up to IMC not me :sweat_smile: unfortunately.

This please!
Also for the gear that it’s now on the vibora chests since can’t be dropped anywhere, the sunflower staff is lovely and the lionhead shield is too cool

Sadly is true about Lolopanther abd Solmiki,I was oppose by it back then and still am for having legendary weapon becoming a skin for weapons.

The only way I’ll be ok is if they become untradeable and unable to put it in the market so basically team storage only.

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I don’t know who are the people that are flagging you lol but I don’t see anything wrong with your reply.

its fine.i edited it,and i was using kind of bad words.if the point is taken i dont mind it.