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Let Sacrament and Last Rites be used together again

In short: Please make Sacrament and Last Rites work together again

A little explanation:
There was a time when you dumbed down AA builds and extra hits and made Sacrament to not work with Last Rites… and I do feel like after so many changes it should have been reverted ages ago.

I also want to point out that you made Fire Enchant scrolls unavaible in a lot of contents…

So I don’t feel like that would be op but still would make Priest-Chaplain a bit more viable again.

( i tried so many builds with chaplain nowdays and I still don’t know what to choose and I rly miss a lot of synergies that got lost with balancing… Chaplain has big synergy problems nowdays…but that will be another topic sometime… maybe…)

Greetings Savior,

We appreciate your time in providing us with your kind feedback while voicing out your concern. We will forward your ticket to our development team for them to review.

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