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Let me swing and HIT with the sword

This is a two part post the first part is an observation that i noticed while playing the second is the suggestion part. i love the game and versitility between the equips, however i discoverd that even though i as a mage can equip the sword that i cant truely attack with it. the damage i do as a mage with a sword in hand is only equivilent to my magic attack and the sword does not actually hit anything as i continue to shoot fire balls. my request here is that you would change the graphic and the code to accuratly show my char attacking and hitting with a sword. i like to make weird chars and builds and thought a wizard that was naturally powerful with magic would be an interestiing site to see him fight with a sword and actually kill stuff.

Now for the suggestion. open all weapon to all classes. Imagine if you will a swordie with a bow and arrow a mage with a gun. a priest with a staff (not sure why this wasn’t allowed before anyway). i am proposing two ways in which this idea could work.

  1. allow all classes to use different weapon but only the weapons originally purposed for them will give them the best attacks and skill options.

  2. allow all classes to use different weapons but add another dymanic to the game with a weapon mastery quest. if the person wants to become better using a weapon they would not usually use then make this quest required. And of course you could add money reqs, team levels reqs and so on

revamp kino to have telekinetic weapons from all classes owO

in the beginning of this game, they actually said they wanted players to be able to equip all kinds of weapons to make all kinds of interesting builds then they slowly scrapped that away. With Rebuild, all classes that uses offhand weapons (dagger/pistol) are in Scout for example. So by asking IMC to allow all weapons to be used by all classes its kinda asking IMC to go back to CBT1 era.

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