Tree of Savior

Lepus card and others


I read the description from this card and say one-handed weapons, so my question here is, the Rapier weapons can be count as one-handed weapon right?

And my other question is really work to spend in 3 cards of these? since i heard the increase is very small because is a flat increase of speed.

extra one question, is better to go for critical cards than dex ones for Matador rank?


yes rapiers counts as one-handed weapon.
if you want to cast faster it will help with like 10% or 15%… but i guess its not worth at all.
critical rate do wonders on critical base builds.

thats my opnion, there are other options.


It said add +30 ASPD (3 lepus 10*), but how you check current ASPD? if normal is 1, than it is big… but if it 300, then it just 10%, if it is 1000, can we see the different?