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Lepidoptera Junction: Legend Raid (Hard Mode)

Lepidoptera Junction: Legend Raid (Hard Mode)

Showcasing the Moth Raid Hard Mode from the perspective of a Wizard main tank/aggro controller. There are multiple times where you have to reposition throughout the fight in order to achieve different dps goals at different mechanic breakpoints. This is more relevant when Tantalizer spawns and you have to damage it to a point whilst making sure you dont burn Moringponia’s HP too much.

There were definately some hectic moments, especially near the end where i forgot to keep track of the [Watch] mechanic timer and it happened the exact same time as the [Curse] and [Raise] mechanics.

The use of the Kabbalist and Oracle class is very reccomended due to the strength of their spells like Einsof and Prophecy.

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