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Left/right-hand sub?

Is there a point for these if you don’t have to switch weapon type for your class? When I press “!”, the game tells me there is nothing equipped there, so I was supposing there was still a benefit from having double the items…

yesss! Its a huge boost actually imo

you get extra 2 enchants, 2 awakening stats, 8 random color stat, and most importantly, 2 vaivora vision slot from extra weapon set.

The downside is you need to maintain/upgrade both as the attack(and defense if shield user) will be average of the primary and extra weapon set

if your main weapon set has 40,000 attack - high enhance(staff+trinket for example)
and your secondary weapon set has 20,000 attack only - low enhance(staff+trinket also )
You will only get 30,000 attack(50% of main + 50% of secondary)

You can choose to unequip the secondary weapon set to get the full 40,000 from your main, but you will loose the extra enchants, awakening, random stats, and vaivora slots.

(someone correct me if i said something wrong, but this is based on my understanding)

That is correct. Having both sets will be bigger boost while requiring 2 sets of weapon being enhanced.

However, since both weapon sets are averaged out I’d recommend upgrading armor over the weapons first. Both weapons and armor have the same enhance value. Since weapons are averaged between the 2 sets you get 50% of the additional attack value per single upgrade. While with armor you get 40% of the defense gained as attack as well. So for slightly less gain in damage per upgrade you are gaining a good chunk of defense at the same time.

Only attack damage and defense is the average, everything else is added at 100%.
They are factually additional equipments.