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Last straw and probably a goodbye

this is actually really good! this lets the players know what they know! Now if they are missing anything the players can fill them in. I like this !

No mention of class balance, I QQ.

I usually don’t mind the trolling except when it’s not so obvious and might mislead the staff members. Like that thread about Arde Dagger dropping too often. If a GM doesn’t realize it’s trolling he will forward to the developers “IToS people think Arde Dagger drops too often.” and the developer will be like “Those crazy westerners really love to grind dungeons, huh?”


To be 100% honest class balances will probably come after the game is good and running. They are gunna prioritize getting the game working before messign with the classes.

Max we dont care at this point what will you do to fix the problems. We wabt you to give the time when you do it.

Every maintenance. Although it’s not exactly sizable increments.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

i would like everyone to know that i am not a bot either

yours faithfully IMCISGREEDY

sounds like something a bot would say

nice try to banland u go

i was just copying how the GM ends all of his sentences lol

you gonna ban him?

Even the GM is a Bot in this place, awesome.

We need rework and class reset for that. Just saying :slight_smile:

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1 of those 5 links is a player thats been around from the start.

But yes we do need changes. The lvl 40 restriction on the market change is chapping me, when it seemed like they were removing restrictions for a while. Then BAM. MORE RESTRICTIONS.