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Last Rites+Sacrament(Priest)


Okay so it turns out it is rly intended that you can’t use them together I just somehow missed it IS in the description of Sacrament.

So anyway I think you should add it in the description of Last Rites too just to make sure less ppl take it by accident later on.

In a way I still have mixed feelings about it because it is good that you don’t have to take Last Rites on Chaplain if you have Sacrament (or the other way) but at the same time both Priest and Chaplain scale well with SPR but you made us choose between 2 SPR skills instead of having both… I think that somewhat is a loss of synergy.

I think you could still make their damage added together in one hit at least tho.

I also think both skills should get something extra because both are party support skills but I still don’t think ppl mostly AAing in parties so mostly they won’t be worth more than 1 point…


It’s mentioned in Sacrament’s description, which states “Targets under the Last Rites buff will not receive the Sacrament buff”. So it is intentional.


I don’t get how I missed it. I rly …wanted at least… to check both descriptions… I guess I failed and only checked Last Rites… I rephrase my topic then. Thanks for correcting me.